Bulova Watch

Happy Easter everyone!

I wanted to hop on here real quick to share my FAVORITE watch with you all. My mom got me this Bulova Watch for My birthday in October and it is perfect!

I have extremely tiny wrists so watches are hard to buy. I can’t have a face too big, and I like flashy jewelry but most watches this flashy are massive. I was searching for the perfect one forever, but finally found this! It’s actually pretty classy- although my mom will tell you it’s too much.

Side note, if you follow me on IG I also mentioned I do my own nails. I am on a grad school budget- and I would rather tint my lashes. Plus I love changing it up all the time so I choose to do it myself! This color is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish White on time. That link isn’t to this color, but another one I like. I usually get mine at CVS, it goes on sale a lot.

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