2022 Celebrity Alaskan Cruise

2022 Celebrity Alaskan Cruise

Hey Guys!

If you follow me on IG, you likely saw that in the middle of August I did a 7 night cruise to Alaska. Honestly something that has always been on my bucket list and there was just so much to write about that it has taken me a while to get this up and running. I completely disconnected while I was away so that slowed the launch of this post as well.

This was actually my first ever cruise, and honestly I am so glad it was on Celebrity. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I typically go boujee when I travel so this lined up with my expectations, haha! But there are a TON of affordable options on other cruise lines, and even just lower levels of celebrity. I’m going to do an entire other post on choosing the best cruise for you because that is a whole post in itself.

Let’s talk about this cruise! It was a 7 night cruise from Vancouver, BC through 3 Alaska ports and back to Vancouver. I’ll dive into each port and what I chose to do. Comment your favorite section below!


  • Starting Port: Vancouver
  • Day 2: at Sea
  • Day 3: Sitka
  • Day 4: Hubbard Glacier (cruising)
  • Day 5: Juneau
  • Day 6: Ketchican
  • Day 7: at Sea
  • Departure in Vancouver

Board Vancouver

Vancouver needs its entire own blog post, so click the link here to read more detail on what to do, where to go and what to eat. HOWEVER, a few things you need to know when going for a cruise specifically… 

The airport is about 30 miutes outside the city, however Public transportation is very easy to navigate in vancouver. A train ride from the airport to the city is only about 25-35 minutes max. We ended up staying in a casino 10 min from the airport and had no issues getting in or out of the city. 

The main transit line runs right through the center of the city. It actually drops you off close to the cruise terminal if you take it to waterfront. 

If you want to save money but still have access to the city, I recommend staying at Rock Hill Casino in Richmond. We had a great time at this hotel and still feel we were able to explore quite a bit for the few days were were there. 

Day 2: At Sea

One thing I want to note for at sea days in Alaska, even in the summer, PACK WARM! We were in leggings and a sweat shirt the entire time. I was a little nervous given that it was an alaskan cruise and we wouldn’t be outside much while at sea that it would be super crowded inside, but honestly, celebrity does a great job designing their ships. We had plenty of space to go to the gym, sit in the solarium, and hang out at bars with out crazy crowds. I will say, we had an amazing drink package and drank quite a bit of wine when we got on the cruise in Vancouver at 10:30 am day 1. Given that this was my first cruise, that was likely a bad idea. I had to take some dramamine and put sea sickness bands on even though I grew up on boats. Bring it all just in case! Alaska at sea when outside of the inside passage is one of the more rocky cruises I’ve heard.

Day 3: Sitka

Sitka was my favorite stop by far(it’s where the proposal with Sandra Bullock was filmed!). Absolutely breathtaking! We did not book an exception this day, which I’m honestly glad we didn’t. The downtown area is super cute and they have a tone of small local shops to visit, great food as well. We had lunch at Beak which has some great local beers and cider. I had their salmon chowder and it did not disappoint.

Day 4: Hubbard Glacier (Cruising)

This was an amazing experience. While cruising we were able to get extremely close to Hubbard Glacier while still on the cruise ship. It was DOWN POURING thank god we had hiking boots to roam the decks because watching seeing the glacier from the top deck was amazing. There were excursions to get closer, but our captain was able to get close enough that I am so glad we didn’t spend the $250 to get maybe 100 yards closer.

Day 5: Juneau

Juneau the capital of Alaska? Juneau we had an excursion booked, but honestly you didn’t need one if you want to limit your excursions. Like Sitka, tons of shopping and food. For this port tho we did a whale watching tour which did not disappoint! We saw about 8 whales including a few babies, seals, and dolphins! The second half of this excursion brought us to Mendenhall Glacier which is absolutely beautiful to walk around, much warmer weather than Hubbard. When we got back from the tour, we had about an hour so we grabbed a drink at this cute “open air” bar called Griz Bar. Again, local brew’s, ciders and next to it is an amazing Taco food truck that honestly was some of the best Taco’s I’ve ever had.

Day 6: Ketchikan

As soon as we got off the ship to Ketchikan, I said it was my favorite port. Turn the corner and head towards the Salmon run and I changed my mind. There is a huge homeless and addict/half way house population in Alaska and they seemed to have all be in downtown Ketchikan. Keep this in mind if you are traveling alone. I am a city girl and will navigagte almost any part of a city – no matter how bad- but this area made me slightly uncomfortable. Fortunately for us, we were able to head to the Tongas Rainforest for a 3 mile hike and it was BEAUTIFUL! Our guide was born and raised with tribal roots and really took the time to answer questions and make sure we really saw the nature in front of us.

Day 7: at Sea

This day, we just relaxed! We made trips to the spa, we read books, and ate food. They had some pretty good activities at night This night so we did go out for a while (till about 1 am). I will note, Celebrity is geared towards adults, by this I mean old people. If you are looking for a clubby cruise, maybe not celebrity. This cruise was much more Zen and focused on relaxation, exploring nature, etc.

Day 8: Depart in Vancouver

We spend two days on the front end in Vancouver and we spent an additional night on the back end. We got in around 8am, went back to the first hotel, and then explored the city. Given we were heading back to the east coast, I am so glad we go off the boat that day and decided to stay one more night rather than rushing to the airport. However, the airport is relatively close to the cruise terminal (about 30 min by bus) and the cruise line has shuttles. We decided to do our own thing.

I am currently in process of working on a Vancouver post – because that in its self was amazing. Let me know any questions or comments you have below/follow up posts your thinking of!



The Friendships of Our Lives

The Friendships of Our Lives

One of my toxic traits is that I can be REAL toxic. I grew up in a toxic household, I was born a fighter, and come from a family environment where you don’t let anyone do you wrong. It’s been a ingrained in me since birth. I’m a very quick person to jump into fight or flight mode, and most of the time I want to fight.

With that being said, I am also the most nurturing, caring, proactive act of service person you will ever have in your life. I will do ANYTHING for people I am close to and will fight for them as well.

I’ve been in years of therapy, and have developed a pretty strong balance of controlling my fight mentality. It’s been a rough road but I’m now at the point where I can determine what’s worth fighting for and what’s worth pushing past and out of my life.

It’s not a new notion that sometimes people are very temporary in your life. Friends come and go, but some are meant to be there long term. This is something that doesn’t bother me. HOWEVER, one of the hardest things do deal with in my adult life is when I give too much of myself to people who turn around and dispose of me.

Like I said above, I am a huge protector of my friends, and many of my close friends would describe me as someone who they can rely on fully. I take pride in that. I will do almost anything for my friends, and I don’t expect anything in return other than strong friendships, love, and care.

This year, I have had a reminder of how I can be taken advantage of and how much it hurts when it happens. I’m a strong believer of paying it forward and what goes around comes around. This time, I’m not only protective of myself, but of others I care about that it’s affecting.

We all have those friends who keep making the same mistakes in life and we hold on to the fact that they will grow and change. I am sometimes one of those friends. But when their life shatters over and over again and you’re constantly there to pick them up – you expect the same care and reciprocation, right?

We help these friends through extreme transitions in life. We help them gain the confidence to get back on their feet and learn how to walk again. In some cases teach them some of life’s basic fundamentals they were incapable of doing before. Yes this is exhausting, draining, and time consuming, but we do it because we care about and love them. I have friends in my life who have done this for me time and time again, you all know who you are and I am forever grateful. I would not be here without you.

Then there are the friends who take, and take, and take. They empty your entire cup, maybe give you a pat on the back, then move onto their end goal. What about the ones who are looking to create this perfect looking life to the world? The ones who utilize those in their path to eventually get to individuals that make their life look glamorous but don’t provide any substance in return.

What do we do when we give so much to someone, only for them to cut us out and move forward without even a word? We do nothing. One of the hardest things to go through in life is a falling out where there wasn’t even a specific falling out. It hurts, and you sit there wondering what you could have done, did you do to much, could you have done more? The answer to all of these is nothing. That person has chosen to do what they did with no regard to you, and there likely wasn’t much regard in the first place. They were opportunistic.

Is it awful that they chose to use you for all you were willing to give them? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you should completely stop being your true self. If you are a giving and loving person who puts so much into the relationships they have and often gets hurt in the end, think of this: how many people currently in your life have you been authentically yourself to that provide you with their same authenticity in return? How many people contribute to your life positively in their own way that you love value and support? Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

How do you adapt and protect yourself to prevent this from happening without putting a total wall up with everyone you meet? I have no idea, but my therapist and I are working on setting boundaries and this is what I have been trying so far:

Evaluate your capacity. Determine what you have to give in every situation and stay true to yourself. Having a tough time? You don’t have to burden or shoulder someone else’s pain and sacrifice or belittle your own to help them in their time of need. I actually have tried it recently and I had two outcomes: a true friend who understood and respected my boundary, and one who made it all about them when I needed to prioritize me. Guess who’s still in the picture!

We’re all still trying to figure this stuff out – myself included. I am very active in therapy to focus on my happiness and mental wellbeing. Broken people cannot help broken people. Remember: people’s negative reactions to your needs likely have nothing to do with your needs at all but their selfishness. If people want to walk out of your life, let them – they will make the bed that they must lie in.

I promise myself that I will do everything in my power to avoid getting in to a one-sided relationship ever again in my life. I know that I deserve better, and you do as well.