The Tay Greeley Blog is a Lifestyle blog run by Taylor Greeley. Taylor is a Boston based Talent Acquisition specialist who just finished fighting her way through her MBA while working full time. She has used this platform over the last few years as a way to relate to others who find themselves similar to her.

“Many of us find ourselves stuck in the hectic cycle we call life. We are expected to balance our education, careers, bills, a healthy diet, exercise, a social life, mental health, find your soul mate, start a family, mind your neighbor, give back to the community, drink half your body weight in water not wine and look good while doing it. Some of you are superheroes and I applaud you, however the rest of us find this craziness overwhelming at times. I have found solace in support platforms such as blogs and was inspired to do the same! If the only thing you take from me is one recipe that helps you save money by not getting takeout one night out of the week… I have reached my goal. Women supporting women, people supporting people, we’re all in this crazy thing called life together – let’s do it.” – Tay Greeley

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