Raw Sugar Living

One product I have been dying to share with you is Raw Sugar Living. I am a person who is never really happy with her products and I am not looking to spend a tone of money, With recent health scares I have gone through, I realize the importance of using products that are not harmful to your body. I am choosing to change the way I treat my body with the products I use and the type of foods I eat.

I am currently a broke grad school student, so I am not looking to break the bank by purchasing super expensive all organic products. I would rather spend the money on organic food. BUT I have done quite a bit of research on what the most important chemicals to cut out are, some are better than nothing right?

I was super skeptical with natural brands and was very back and forth about everything. Finally I settled on Raw Sugar, and I am not disappointed. Best thing about this brand, you can purchase it at Target! Also, they donate a bar of soap to a family in need for every product purchased. You can read more about how they pay it forward here.

Their soaps smell so delicious! I have both hand soap and body wash. The hand soap I have been using is their Raw Sugar Hand Wash Vanilla Bean + Sugar. For hand soaps, anything warm and delicious smelling and I am in! With body wash, I needed to be a little more cautious. I went with their Sensitive Skin Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal Body Wash. It was between this and the Green Tea + Cucumber + Aloe Vera Sensitive Body Wash which I will be trying next!

Now, with the body wash it was easy to switch to all natural. HOWEVER I was so nervous to switch my shampoo and conditioner to anything less that what I was use to. I was nervous my hair wouldn’t respond well, or it wouldn’t hydrate my hair like it should. Generally when I switch hair products all the crap in them just makes it seem like nothing happened. With this product I could def tell the difference the first week or so, I had to wash my hair every day. I was freaking out, but it turns out it was just from all the crap leaving my hair. After a couple weeks my hair was so soft, moist, and feeling amazing. It felt so natural and looked awesome. It was easier to style and even air dry. My scalp feels better, I have less headaches, and I can get to 3rd day hair – which was never possible before. I’ve been using the Moisture Smoothie Shampoo and Conditioner. I think I am going to stay with these because they have been working so well! I usually go with moisture formulas because that’s what I need the most. I may try their Truly Unruly in the summertime when I like to let my hair go Au natural!

I cannot wait to try more of their products. I am going to Target this weekend to hopefully stock up! If you try any of their products before me, please let me know!

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