My Cinco De Mayo Guide 2020


Happy Quarantine!

Now I love me some Mexican food, my favorite place in the world is Tulum, Mexico so that explains a lot. Usually I go out, grab a margarita, chips and Guac and have some Tacos! However, that is not happening this year so I am cooking from home and I wanted to give you guys some guidance if you needed it.



First off, do not start cooking until you’ve made a margarita … or two. Make sure you have a bottle of tequila and what ever flavor you want. Honestly, it is really hard to go wrong making a margarita, just add more tequila right? Best part about working from home, you can get up the next morning hung over and not have to drag yourself to work.

The Classic

  1. Squeeze 4 -5 limes depending on the size. (if you are hand squeezing you may need more)
  2. Add 1/4 cup of orange juice or squeeze a half. (or just use cointreau)
  3. 1 tsp of Honey or Agave
  4. 2 shots of tequila
  5. Shake with ice until chilled and mixed well (you don’t need a shaker, you could also stir.)
  6. Pour over ice.


  1. Squeeze 2 limes into a cup
  2. add a splash of orange juice or Cointreau.
  3. add two shots of Tequila and mix all well.
  4. Put in blender and add 1 cup of frozen strawberries.
  5. Blend and Enjoy! (pour over ice if strawberries are not frozen)

Mango (or any other fruit)

  • Same of above but substitute Strawberries for Mangos

Tacos and Taco Salad!

Honestly, this is so simple – you literally just need to make the meat. You can choose to get a taco mix packet at the store but I LOVE Trader Joe’s Chili Lime seasoning. I just put a pound of meat into my Wok pan, put about 2tbsp of the seasoning in and cook until done.  I typically like to use 90/10 or higher meat but 85/15 is okay too. You can also do this with ground Turkey or Chicken as well. I also like to make mine a little spicy, so I add some Cheyanne pepper.

Taco Salad: 

For my taco salads I like to do low carb so I don’t put tortilla crisps. I just do shredded lettuce, the ground meat mixture, and then Daiya’s Mexican Cheese Shred blend (cheddar and Mozzarella).


I am a soft tortilla kind of girl, I ONLY get corn tortillas because they are gluten-free. I literally just layer the ground meat mixture, lettuce and cheese. Many people like salsa on theirs or avocado, feel free to add that as well! J always adds Sriracha to his – feel free to spice it up!

I know this is super simple, but sometimes you just need a little guidance! I would love to hear your Cinco de Mayo menu selections. I know a lot of restaurants are doing take out, but this is a super cheap and easy way to cook at home and save money during quarantine when funds maybe low. I live alone so this all makes enough for a few days of left overs too.



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