12 Shopping Days Till Christmas: Mom Gift Guide

I cannot even believe I am finally writing this post. I thought about it around the beginning of November and then POOF there’s 12 days left till Christmas. For the next 12 days I will be dropping a new gift guide each day. I decided to start with the most difficult shopper first – Mom. I know it can be pretty stressful this time of year if you’re someone who doesn’t have a tone of time, or money.

Over the next two weeks I have arranged each gift guide from most difficult to shop for, to easiest to buy in store or select store pick up. If there is anything you want to see, leave a comment below and I will adjust as I go!


I tried to ask my mom and my friends what they wanted/what they were getting their parents. My mom first asked for a backpack leaf blower and a chainsaw…. for all the single moms out there, I will do a separate post for dads and single moms as my single mom is who raised me!


My mom loves her slippers and is always in need of a new pair. She is super picky about them as I’m sure most moms are. I listed a few on my LTK but I also wanted to highlight MY favorite slippers that I love. I like to do a lot of research on brands before I purchase them. the mainstream UGG that is pushed in the US is not actually an Australian based company. They trademarked the name that has been used by authentic Ugg makers for hundreds of years. In my research I found Ugg since 1974. They are 100% Australian made and 100% Australian owned. (I linked my slippers)

Ugg Boots!

Speaking of Uggs, she also mentioned she would love new boots! She specifically mentioned ones that were easy to slip on like these: Classic Ultra Mini. I have these and she loved them when she saw them. One other thing I will mention about Ugg Since 1974 is that the prices are SOOO much better than uGg. Processing time is about two weeks, but they make every single boot by hand. If you include you IG handle, they will literally send you a video while they are making your boot. I feel their quality is 100x better as well an dI will NEVER get boots anywhere else.

Apple Watch Bands

Everyone loves cute Apple Watch bands to change it up every once in a while, but they can be pretty pricy. I have actually gotten some for myself from pink Lilly and LOVE the quality of them. They have tons of cute colors and patterns, and they are so reasonably priced. They do a ton of sales tho time of year, so make sure to keep an eye out! Shop the LTK link above for more.


Who doesn’t want a bathrobe?! Target has honestly blown me away with the quality and price of their bathrobes. This is always a perfect gift for anyone who is a homebody or like me and doesn’t put the heat past 69. My mom keeps her heat at 67 at night in the winter…. def a robe mom.


Everyone loves a new pair of sneakers. I recently got a pair of Adidas that I love and my mom wanted a pair too. She is OBSESSED with Brooks sneakers as well. She is a dental assistant so she is on her feet all day long. I know plenty of people who love Brooks for running too. Really a goo shoe for anyone.


Perfume is not only for moms, I would like some too. I’m going to create another beauty post, but one of my moms favorites is Chanel No. 5. Classic mom perfume! FYI if you didnt know, Sephora does order online and pick up in store if you don’t have time for shipping (so does Nordstrom and SAK’s). But I’ve placed a few Sephora orders in the last few weeks and have gotten them within days.

Counter Top Mixer

This time of year my mom is constantly making pies, and a counter top mixer is something she’s wanted for a while. I don’t remember ever actually having one growing up, we always used hand held. Obviously, kitchenaid mixers are amazing, but I also found some more affordable options at Target. Some of these have everything the more expensive ones have at a third the price!

Keep an eye out over the next 12 day for more gift guides!

xoxo, Tay

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