School Prep – Get Organized!

As a former professional student…. I spent 9 years in school – I know how hard it is to get organized ESPECIALLY with so many students switching to fully remote learning while we figure out how to navigate this crazy time. I worked fill time while being full time student in both undergrad and grad school.

Recently, I have helped a few my family members and close friends set up their game plan on to how tackle the Fall 2020 semester, and now I want to offer help to others who need it! You have been forced to change your education direction and for many flip 180 from what your original idea of college was. The only way I made it through all of my degrees was by utilizing the resources I had in front of me, let me be a resource for you!

Complete the form below and let’s find a time to connect. Make sure to include times you are available and a little bit about your current situation.