Portland Maine

Portland Maine

I am a New Englander Born and Raised, however I was born on the Southern side of New England. I have explored much of the Cape and southern parts of MA and I know the streets of Boston like the back of my hand. Portland Maine has been on my bucket list for a while and one of my closest fiends and I decided to make it happen.

Out side of the beautiful scenery, Maine in my opinion has some of the best eats – not just sea food. Not to mention that the little shops are adorable and SUPER affordable.

Where to stay?

We got a double queen room for two nights at the Hampton Inn Portland Waterfront. They actually upgraded us and we ended up having a beautiful view of the water and sunrise. I chose the hotel because it was super affordable, updated, and close to all the cute shots. Valet parking is $20 a night, there is free continental breakfast and coffee all day. I can be quite a hotel snob from my 6 years working in Luxury hotels – and this hotel met my high standards! Service was as to be expected but we didn’t need much on this trip.

Where to Shop?

The location of the hotel put us in the perfect area to shop. We were right on the corner of Fore Street and Franklin St. Fore Street has a ton of tiny shops including our favorite that we found Siempre Mas which as the CUTEST trinkets – we had a bit of a shopping spree. Around this area you can find some smaller shops down all the small streets.

Where to Eat?

You KNOW I couldn’t do a post with out talking about food! We went up on Good Friday, she had worked all day, we got up there around 6pm. All we wanted was wine and Pizza. The WEIRDEST thing about Portland is they have amazing pizza and Slab Pizza did NOT dissapoint. This pizza is Sicilian style pizza (we actually are both Sicilian) and we were salivating over this pie. Highly recommend if you are ever in the Portland area for lunch.

LOBSTER ROLLSSSSSSSSS – if you go to Maine without getting a lobster role, did you even go to maine? A lot of business was hit pretty had with the pandemic. Portland Lobster Company is DEF the place to go, but unfortunately they were closed when we were there. When researching other top options we came across The Highroller Lobster Co. What I loved about their options was that you can dress up your lobster roll in a number of ways, or have it traditional!

For dinner we ended up going to Old Port Sea Grill and Raw Bar – oh mannn. This meal was amazing and the Vibe was all there. Michelle got Salmon and I ended up getting Steak and Truffle Fries. The Highlight of the meal tho was the Clam Chowder as an app. This was the best clam chowder I have ever consumed. It had a twist on traditional clam chowder and had a little kick to it. HIGHLY RECCOMEND

What to see?

On our way home we took a trip to Cape Elizabeth to see the Portland Head Lighthouse. It was BEAUTIFUL. There are walking trails around it that go along the water and there’s a ton of History in that area as well. I recommend stopping by on your way up/down.

I hope this post was helpful. If you are in New England I highly recommend you take a weekend trip up. There is still so much more I want to see so look out for another post!



Where the F**k Are We Going?

Where the F**k Are We Going?

So, this is the first post that I’ve written in a really long time. Besides posting some random recipes and other shit that I really wasn’t super passionate about, I’ve taken just about a year off. I started to slow down writing posts towards the end of grad school because everything just got kind of crazy. Then it was only about two months before the pandemic hit after-that. During those two months I was busy flying around getting ready for my best friends wedding that ended up being canceled 24 hours ahead of time on March 14. Since then honestly this last year has been a total blur.

We were all kind of in the same boat where we didn’t really know what was going on the anxiety of our health was weighing on me. Also being isolated didn’t help. I live by myself and for the first four weeks of the pandemic I stayed by myself because we really didn’t know what was safe, what was CDC approved, there just really wasn’t enough information out about everything. This really impacted my mental health.

Then came all the lay-offs. It felt like every single company was laying off their employees so we were all just waiting around hoping that we weren’t going to be laid off. We didn’t know that it would end up being OK if we were laid off or furloughed. This is something that everyone in every single industry was worried about, including myself and my close friends. I was fortunate enough not to be laid off but no matter what industry you’re in we all felt how hard it was maintaining the work ethic you had before while going through all of this shit. I really hit a dark place not just for a little while but for quite a few months.

During this time one of the biggest things that I constantly struggled with was my purpose. I started this platform because I wanted to connect with people. I feel that I am a very relatable person and that there are people out there I may be able to help just as other bloggers have helped me. Over the last eight months I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I want the Tay Greeley Blog to be.

Now I don’t have all the answers, but one thing that has remained consistent is I want to be relatable and I want to remain a lifestyle blog. I’m asked all the time what a lifestyle blog is. Honestly I can’t really answer that. My classification of lifestyle blog is it’s a blog about my lifestyle. I am a recovering student, I have loan debt, I’m still figuring out my career, I love nice things but I also love a bargain. I try and be as healthy as possible but I also indulge in guilty pleasures. I’m always looking for easy recipes for people who don’t always have time a.k.a. me. Outside of the pandemic I absolutely love traveling and restaurants. I have traveled over the last couple months a little bit but nothing like I was before, and that goes for restaurants as well. I like to look cute and comfy but I don’t want to spend a ton of money. And most of all I struggle with mental health and I know how hard it is feeling that you’re alone but I really want you to know that you’re not.

So, if you’ve been someone following me since the beginning, thank you. I appreciate the support more than you know. If you are someone just joining, welcome! I hope you find interest here. If you’re literally just reading this to talk shit, thank you as well. Your views and clicks on my website actually support my statistics and I’m paid for that.

I’m looking forward to it 2021 is going to bring to the Tay Greeley Blog. If you have any suggestions, feel free to use the contact tab or comment below, I appreciate it!