Plum Paper Journal

I have never been a planner person. However, the craziness of grad school especially doing an online program AND running a blog, I started to use one this year.

The one I currently have this one I got off of Amazon, pretty cheap and they have cute designs. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because during undergrad I never kept up with my planners and it ended up just being a wast of money.

Since I got this one, I have been using it for work, personal use, school, and blogging. SO I wanted to create a custom one that had everything I need in it. That is where I found Plum Paper!

You can go on and customize however you would like to. For my lay out I chose the following:

  • Vertical Priorities
  • 12-Month Planner
  • Start Date May 2018
  • Extras:
    • To-do list planner
    • Lined Notes Pages
    • Meetings Pages
    • Social Media

For what I use my planner for, this lay out fit best! They have so many different options and colors, I recommend clicking around and seeing what you like. For a Planner that is customized, the prices was reasonable as well.

Let me know  what you think in the comments below, or if you have any questions. As always, thanks for reading!




Term Prep and Gratitude Journal

Hello Everyone!

So I have my second term of the semester coming up, and I took today to get organized. I have never really been a planner person, but since starting grad school I have been trying my hardest to keep track of everything I have to do. It is crazy how busy life gets, and to think I was working even more and handling a heavier workload (over 50 hours a week) when I was in my undergraduate degree.

I love this planner, it has the cutest golden elephants on it, and of course is pink! What I have found helps me the last few terms is to go through the syllabus and mark down the major things due each week. My planner has a spot at the beginning of each week where you can write down your priorities. Here I write what Chapters I need to get through and if there is a paper due.

I like to plan what I am going to do each week out on Sundays/Mondays to get my week started. I have been also setting work goals for the week as well.

One thing I have been trying to do is write in my gratitude journal, or my Zen as Fuck book each week. It helps to get your mindset right and just appreciate the little things when life can get the best of you. I LOVE my Zen as Fuck journal by Monica Sweeney. It has funny little activities in it that really gets you thinking and appreciating what you have and yourself. I ended up buying one for my aunt, she loves it! I also have this journal that I don’t use as much, but it is still a great tool to get you thinking. This one is more meditation like where my Zen as Fuck journal is more raw, like my personality.

If anyone has any tips for how I can get more organized, please let me know! If you have any questions on gratitude journals, I did a lot of Pinterest research on this before i jumped and bought one. A few of my IG blogger friends were raving about it as well so I gave it a go and I do love it.

As always, thanks for reading! Make sure to follow and subscribe with your e-mail on the top right of the page. It will only send you e-mails when I do postings which is only a few days a week.