My 2021 Book List

My goal of 2021 was to read 6 books, and I’m proud of myself because I read 11. I was in school for basically 9 years straight while working full time so leisure reading wasn’t really a thing. It is something I like to do when I find a good book and last year I dedicated myself to hitting that 6 book goal. With the help of amazing suggestions from friends I was able to EXCEED that goal! I am so proud of myself:)

This year, my goal is 10. I had a lot of extra time around the holidays to fit in a few books and I have a busy summer coming up so I wanted to set something attainable. I wanted to do this post a few months ago but life happens. I wanted to make sure I got these books out because I got some good ones! You can shop these books on my LTK!

First Books I read of last year were both of Drew Barrymore’s Autobiographies. Her story is amazing! Little Girl Lost was written when she was a teen, pretty fresh going through all of her addition and family struggles. Wildflower was written as an adult, after she became a mom and talks about some of the events she experienced as a child through her adult eyes. HIGHLY recommend.

I am OBSESSED With these series. It is a series about a family that fled Cuba when Castro came to power and the impact it has had on their lives. Honestly, it’s a combination between a Love Story, Coming of Age, Historic Fiction, and Suspense. I may be wrong, but I think (and hope) she is coming out with a Third book!

Both of these are books that are now MOVIES! I have yet to watch either movie, but I loved the books. Still Alice is a moving story about a woman with Althzimers, but from her perspective. There is so much support out there for families of Althzimers Disease, but not much is shown from the perspective of someone going through these changes. The Hating Game is a SAUCY romance novel that will keep you reading about a love/hate work relationship.

Sorry for the quality of these pics, but the Bergman Brother’s Novels are AMAZING. Super hot and heavy, but a romance novel that is REAL – none of this hallmark channel BS. It covers the Bergman family with real problems and real relationships. These are the first two books of the series, there are 4 in total and the 5th one comes out this summer!

These two are Romance Novels that will keep you in suspense. You honestly never know which way it will turn. Ugly Love could be a trigger for parents who have lost children – Thats all I will say with out giving away the entire plot line. The last MRs. Parrish may be a trigger for those who have experienced Domestic Violence. THATS ALL I AM GOING TO SAY!

I usually try to get some Personal Development in Each year, but this was the only one I got in, haha! Either Way, Marie Kondo is AMAZING and honestly it helped me deep organize my Studio apartment. Its also a very easy read. My next one is going to be SparkJoy!

I won’t publish my next book list until at least July, maybe not till the end of the year, Not sure! I did want to highlight one eco friendly program I love to use, Thrift Books! They give you access to old library books – less books printed, the planet saved! I personally love the feel of holding a book in my hands and am having a hard time getting into kindle reading, but that’s the most eco friendly option!

If you have any good suggestions for me this year, please drop them in the comments below!


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