6 Shopping Days Till Christmas: Affordable Beauty

Beauty on a budget! I have listed a few items on my LTK that are for budget conscious beauty lovers on a budget!

Inkey List

I personally have not tried this brand, but a few of my friends swear by it. honestly, you can get amazing products like Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid for AMAZING prices. This is a brand you can get at Sephora and pick up in store. If you want to, you can visit their website directly to find out what products are best for you! One note, if you do try retinol, MAKE SURE YOU WEAR SUNSCREEN. I use retinol on my under-eyes, it can cause so much damage when exposed to UV rays. Check out my 7 Day gift guide and try out Supergoup.

Hawaiian Tropic Self Tanning Foam

When I have the chance and $$ I go to may girl Francesca at Plush Beauty Bar for a nice spray tan (she does gift cards). But when you need something quick, this gives you an amazing color. I personally love this foam and feel it goes on even and lasts. Leave It on for about 6 hours and then rinse it off after if you are pasty like me. Another lotion I have used time and time again is Australian Gold Gradual Tanning Lotion. This one isn’t as dramatic as Hawaiian Tropic, but it does the trick!

Raw Sugar Living

This brand is amazing. I stopped using it for a while to try out other brands including Native which I have wrote about in the past, but honestly just grabbed a bottle of their moisture loving body wash and I don’t know why I switched! Great for stocking stuffers or for someone who just likes bath products.

Kristen Ess Hair Care

Honestly, this is my favorite affordable option. I’ve heard mixed reviews from some of my friends but I really love this line. I still have some in my back stock and pull it out every once in a while, especially when company comes. Sorry, I don’t share my Olaplex hahaha.

Next post will be my affordable home items gift guide. Items you can find at places like Target.


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