8 Shopping Days till Christmas: Boujiee Home Items

Okay, these items aren’t necessarily Boujiee but def an investment for most people. These items make AMAZING gifts and are those that will be used every day. I have most of these items and use them every day! For those that I don’t have, my friends do and I’ve tried them out!


Bissell Clearview Pet Vaccumn THIS IS A LIFE SAVER! My fluffy beasts leave my apartment full of dust bunnies. I thought my robot vacuum was cleaning my apartment. It was DISGUSTING what this vacuums picked up. I really wanted the Dyson cordless but it is way out of my price range right now. Anyone with pets – you will not regret this purchase.

Airfryers – I listed a few and yes, this is 100% worth it. I use mine almost daily if not multiple times a day. I know its a running joke about investing in an air fryer, if you haven’t you should. I listed a few on my LTK, I have a Phillips one but I have a few friends that have the ones listed.

Nespresso Vertuo– I LOVE my Nespresso. Target often has sales on them so keep an eye out. Nespresso runs sales directly as well – I ended up getting mine 30% off during the pandemic. I am kind of a coffee snob, so any coffee lovers in your life will thank you!

Ninja Kitchen System – I have owned Ninja’s before, lived with roommates that have Ninjas, and bought J the Ninja smoothie Machine a few years ago. They are 100% worth the price. So easy to clean, so easy to operate and blends, chops whatever you need. I personally want this system because it has not only the smoothie attachment, but the food processor component- I cook so much from scratch this is key.

Air Purifier – I live in a studio apartment with a million plants, so my air quality is okay (outside of when people smoke on my floor and it comes into my apartment….) but I have noticed since living with two fluff balls, the air quality has dropped quite a bit. With all the bet dander, fur, and normal enviormental components, this is something I will be investing in in 2022. A few of my friends have recently purchased purifiers and have noticed a huge difference.

I get that many of these items are a push for most people, but after talking with friends, co workers and family, these are some of the top investment items people want! Keep an eye out for a more affordable guide with budget friendly items for your home maker!

xoxo, Tay

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