9 Shopping days till Christmas: Girlfriend Gift Guide

Honestly, this was the easiest one for me to post, because it’s literally just my Christmas list. Pay attention in a few days I will have the best beauty items to buy as well! I want to add the ones that were easiest for last minute store pick up at the end and the ones likely needed to be shipped in the beginning! LETS GO!

Booty by Brabrants Track Jacket

Skims Bralette’s

Faux Leather Spanks

Veja Sneakers

Voluspa Candles and Diffusers

Any T3 products

Trendy Jewlery

Athleisure Wear – if you click the link below to my LTK you can find some of my favorite Zella Items. These come in regular and plus size too.

I have literally linked specific items on my LTK page for you to click onto. Most of these are self explanatory so I haven’t included much detail. All of these are items I have myself that I love and stand by or those of my friends and family.

For the Gents: These are pretty fool proof things that any girl will be happy with. If your girl is picky, keep the receipts or better yet, get her a gift card to Nordstrom – literally cannot go wrong! Keep an eye out, many of these items go on sale. You can do Pick up in store at most Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack locations.

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