Rebranding Myself

I started this blog at a time where I was going through a lot. I was going through a life changing break up, entering grad school and truly felt that I was relatable for quite a bit of people. Fast forward two years later and it has taken a turn away from what I wanted it to be.

One thing that people who know me personally admire is the fact that I am brutally honest. Not just about my opinion on what you may be going through, but on my own experiences. I never feel sharing is too much, because you never know who it may help. If you follow me on my Instagram you may have seen some of my stories and understand what I’m talking about.

I am the type of person to stand up for what I believe in ESPECIALLY if it impacts other peoples lives (positively). This is something that I have always struggled with doing for myself. While I have always believed that you are in full control of who is in your life, I tend to be the type of person to give people too many chances or hold on hoping they will change.

At this point in my life, I am still navigating who I am. I have gotten to the point of being very career motivated as I am truly passionate about what I do and I want to do it well. This is something I created as an outlet for myself but also to have a positive impact on others.

With all this being said. I am going to be rebranding myself and this blog. I want to get back to my roots who make me ME and evolve into the person I want to become. My goal is to use this outlet to promote authenticity and positivity. If you are interested in this journey, please continue to follow along. If you aren’t – then no hard feelings, please unsubscribe!



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