28 Reason’s I’m Thankful to Turn 28

Today is my 28th birthday, and I think as women, we don’t celebrate getting older as much as we should. I wanted to throw some positive vibes on this date and list out 28 reasons I’m thankful to be turning 28!

  1. I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge.
  2. I have my little fluffer Momo who loves me unconditionally (this was 8th but I moved it up, yes ahead of James)
  3. I am fortunate enough to have James in my corner- you are my rock and the biggest pain in my ass, but you support me unconditionally in everything I do, even when I say crazy things like “I want to go for my Doctorate”
  4. My sweet little wiggle butt Milo who was the best thing to happen to us this 2020.
  5. My Momma who is there for me whenever I need her to be and only a phone call away.
  6. I have the best friends I could ever ask for who truly are there through thick and thin.
  7. I was first in my immediate family to have the opportunity to receive a 4 year degree.
  8. I was the first in my entire Family to get my masters degree.
  9. I have the opportunity to go back and get my doctorate at a time that is convenient for me.
  10. I am cancer free with the help of my amazing doctors.
  11. My health is the best it has been in a long time.
  12. I have had access to outstanding mental health professionals and had the ability to manage my depression, anxiety, and PTSD allowing me to function “normally” day to day.
  13. I have my sister-aunt and my mom-aunt who are there no matter what I need.
  14. I am thankful for all the lessons my Grammy taught me that I have taken into my adulthood.
  15. I have been through enough to know my self worth and make decisions for myself on what I deserve.
  16. I am thankful for my followers and subscribers who keep this platform afloat.
  17. I am thankful for this platform to express myself.
  18. I am thankful for all my supporters and haters, either way – viewing, sharing, and interacting with my content promotes my page.
  19. I have had the opportunity to live by myself in an AMAZING apartment and the first place I have really felt at home.
  20. I stay true to myself and have the capacity to maintain my values and beliefs.
  21. I am fortunate to live in an area where I can support and express my beliefs .
  22. I have the right to vote when many women in the world still don’t have this right.
  23. I am thankful for the ability to walk down the street safely in my neighborhood.
  24. I am thankful for the CHOICE to manage the trajectory of my life how I want to.
  25. I am thankful for all the places I have been fortunate to travel and explore.
  26. I am thankful for all the people who have come into and left my life, they have taught me some of the most valuable lessons I could have ever learned.
  27. I am thankful to have discovered my love for plants and to actually be able to answer the question “What’s your hobby?” with something other than watching TV.
  28. I am thankful to have made it to 28 and for the opportunity to see another year!

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