Garlic Herb Chicken – Quick and Easy Dinner

I am all about a quick dinner you can cook last minute on a week night and have enough leftovers for a few days. This is a dish that you can make in 30-40 minutes and for me -leaves two more meals.

I used a package of Natural Chicken Breast from Trader Joes, and Whole Food’s Organic Garlic Herb Marinade. I typically like to season food myself, but this marinade is amazing! For this dish, I just put it on and tossed the chicken. You could let it marinade in the fridge over night then take it out after work, but it still works well last minute. This can be grilled, baked in the oven, or cooked on the stove. I typically go stove top covered for 20-30 minutes or until chicken reaches 160 degrees internally.

With this dish, I paired seasoned Asparagus and air fried red potatoes. I laid the asparagus out on a cookie sheet, sprinkled with thyme, pink Himalayan salt and garlic powder. I cook at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes then turn on high broil to crisp up. I like mine a little more well done, but make sure you watch and take it out when it reaches desired crispness.

For the Potatoes, I cut red potatoes into 8ths and then toss them with garlic powder and pink Himalayan salt. I used my air fryer that suggests I turn to 350 and place in for about 20 minutes. Follow your air fryers suggested timer. If you don’t have an air fryer, you can cook stove top with olive oil, stirring until potatoes can be poked with a fork (about 15 to 20 minutes).

Simple. Easy. Healthy.

If you make this, make sure you tag me in it and post your comments below!



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