5 Ways That I Self Love

5 Ways That I Self Love

Hi Everyone!

I am home sick as a dog right now, and I left all my school stuff at work, so I finally have time to get some posts done!

Life has been a little crazy lately, with starting a new job and grad school. When I get a free moment, I take it for myself. That’s why I haven’t been posting as much on any platforms. This leads me to this post, 5 ways that I Self love.

I feel like this is a huge topic people have been talking about recently, because finally people are realizing how important it is. My life is crazy, I have a lot on my plate – whats different now compared to when I was in undergrad is that I actually make a point to do something for myself and relax. Following are thing I enjoy to “reset”.

1. Good TV Shows where you don’t have to think. 

I have never really been a huge binge TV watcher, I don’t even have cable now. But I do have a few select shows where I set time every week, usually my Friday nights, to catch up on through HULU. I usually watch a comedy or suspense/crime show. It just distracts you from every day life, but also just gives you a mental break and something else to focus on.

2. Meal Prepping

I really enjoy cooking, and I also like to watch what I am spending during the week. Meal prepping helps me do both. I usually try a new recipe every week, pinterest is my go to for recipes. If you do the math – eating out for lunch during the week in Boston is at least $10 a day. That’s $50 a week. My weekly groceries is around $40 (not including snacks because I’m gluten free and those are hella expensive) and I get about 5-7 meals out of this not including breakfast. I do my food truck Fridays, because I am obsessed with them – but that also gives me something to look forward to during the week.

3. Zen as F*** Journal

I have talked about this before in my Term Prep and Gratitude Journal Post, but this journal really is not Zen at all. It makes you love yourself and realize you are the bad-ass you are. I bought one for my aunt and she loves it! You can get it on amazon prime here, and it is under $10!

4. $6 movies! 

I am an AMC reward member and on Tuesdays, they have $5 Tuesday movie day! Also, the ICON theater in the seaport does $6 movie Tuesdays as well. I will go with others or even by myself – its just nice to be able to see all the movies I want to see and not waiting for others to make plans.

5. Rewarding Myself! 

I work very hard for everything I have, so every once in a while you need to treat yourself. I do so by simple things like getting real ice cream (I’m dairy free), shopping within a budget, or setting rewards to work for especially if I do well in school or meet my deadlines for things.

Moral of the story is, take care of yourself. You work hard and deserve some self love – even if it is something as simple as watching TV. Take the time to reset and then get back to it.

As always, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below with questions or in the contact me section!



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