Sand Cloud

So, you all know that I love supporting brands that give back, right? Well one that I have been LOVING is Sand Cloud. Just a little bit about them; Sand Cloud is an online retailer that produces beach towels, t-shirts, and other accessories. Sand Cloud’s mission is to #savethefishies by donating 10% of their profits to non-profits that focus on saving marine life. Don’t just take it from me, feel free to read their mission.

They recently ran a Spring Break sale where you could get 35% off their entire site. So of course I jumped on and got some goods! If you missed the sale, you can still get 15% off with my code TAYGREELEYBLOG058. 

I wanted to go through and tag all the items I purchased because I absolutely LOVE them.

  • Peach XL Towel – These towels are super soft. Some of them are made from recyclable materials as well. Sand Cloud tries to be as sustainable as possible while still producing quality products. Also, this towel is massive! Perfect for the beach.
  • Light Blue Classic Stripes Recycled Towel – Again, the towels, super soft. I wanted to get just a regular size towel. This one has been made from 45% Recycled Cotton and 25% Recycled Polyester.
  • Narwal Tee – I got one of the last one of these Narwal Tees, good for me – so sad for you! But that link will take you to their Recycled Tee page where they still have a million cute items.
  • Shark Fin Hat – I don’t have this posted above, but I really needed a cute black baseball cap. This is ADORABLE. I am obsessed. One of the favorite things I ordered.
  • Coral Reef Glass Bottle – I have a little bit of a water bottle addiction, I have a bazillion reusable bottles… but I needed another one. These are so cute and have adorable designs on them.
  • Sand Cloud Camper Mug – When I said my shark fin hat was my favorite item purchased, I lied… It tied with this! Coffee has never tasted better.

I only support companies who give back and have a mission I can support. This company falls into all of my guidelines. Feel free to comment with any questions. Def click through their site to see all the cute Items they have. Also, use my code above for 15% off!

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