Top 15 Wegmans Store Brand Items

Hi Everyone!

Let’s talk about one of my Number 1 obsessions, Wegmans. If you have never been, and there is one near you, I recommend you go! It will change your world.

I was raised by Gen X parents who are extremely dedicated to brand loyalty and have very little care to switch. Which is great, unless you are on a budget. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few brands that I like to stick to, especially my Gluten free and Dairy free items – not worth saving a few bucks there.

Any place that I shop, I will try their store brand that is comparable to some of my favorite Brand names. I love most things Trader Joe’s, but it is not always convenient for me to shop there. So, Wegmans is my go-to and you can seriously save by purchasing their store brand items. Below are my top Wegmans Brand items that I have tried and swear by!

  1. Gluten Free Pasta I love their gluten free pasta! Not all gluten free pasta is the same, and if you are someone who HAS to be gluten free, you understand. This is a brand you cannot even tell the difference.
  2. Meats If you have read any of my meal prep posts, I buy my meat in bulk, especially my chicken. You can get a family pack of Chicken Breast for under $2 a pound! When I get family packs of chicken thighs, I don’t think I have spent more than $8 and it lasts me 6 weeks.
  3. Toilet paper and Paper Towels I love bounty and Charmin for name brands, and Wegmans brand is almost identical! You seriously cannot tell the difference, except the price difference is insane.
  4. Cleaning Products – I try to be as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing being sanitary. Wegmans has a tone of great plant based cleaning products for both the kitchen and bathroom. ALSO they have an AMAZING imitation swifter wet-cloth that smells delicious! And actually cleans your floors. Also, the have sanitizing wipes (like Lysol) that work very well.
  5. Plastic baggies– They’re bags are just as good as the name brands and half the price. Even the freezer bags.
  6. Almond Milk – Super comparable to Silk and Almond breeze, if not exactly the same.
  7. Gluten free baking mixes – This is so hard to find, but they do an amazing job with these mixes. My go-to’s are the cornbread and brownies!
  8. Trashbags I always get the flexible lavender scented ones.
  9. Frenchfries– I am talking about their frozen french fries, but they do have fresh ones in the produce section as well!
  10. Coffee! –  I LOVE the K-cups!!!! I get the Donut Shop blend and you can buy in bulk. I think it is 72 K-Cups for under $25. I make my coffee for work every day and save so much money!
  11. Creamy Peanut Butter – Just as good, if not better and more rich than the brand names. I was doing all natural for a while, but I like my fatty classic creamy peanut butter.
  12. Fresh Almond Butter – I like almond butter in my smoothies sometimes, but it can get gross and separate after even just sitting for a few days. I always have good luck with their fresh ground almond butter. They grind it right in the store and their only ingredient is Almonds.
  13. Sparkling water I like always having cans at home, just to have. The have a pretty decent election and a sleeve of cans is only a few dollars.
  14. Baby Wipes you always need some of these at home, baby or no baby.
  15. BBQ Chips – I can legit down a bag in 5 minutes. My boyfriend is super picky with his chips, he LOVES them. They come in massive bags and are super low priced.

Everytime I go shopping at Wegmans, this is pretty much my grocery list plus my veggies. If you go to Wegmans and try any of these items, let me know what you think! Or if you find any other store brands you like, I def wanna know as well.

Thanks for reading!



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