Strong and Independent

What does it mean when people tell you you’re strong AND independent? It means they see you as being able to handle anything life throws at you and do it on your own.

Is this a good quality? Yeah, I think so. But does it mean that whenever something happens you have to handle it alone? No.

Sometimes, being that strong/independent person leaves you with no one when you feel the most vulnerable. Or at least feeling that you have no one.

It also can mean that those who know you well enough can immediately tell when something is wrong.

I am guilty of pushing those people away when I need them, and choosing to handle things myself. But what I have tried to do is show them I appreciate their care.

Being a strong, independent woman leaves you feeling in a constant state of struggle between feeling you can conquer the world and feeling that you are not allowed to ask for help or support.

Support is okay.

Support is healthy.

Support does not mean you are weak.

You are the strong and independent person you know yourself to be. Utilizing and appreciating the support you have makes you even stronger.

Do you boo!



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