Wardrobe Wednesday Catch-Up

Hey Everyone!

Last week was a little insane due to my finals, and of course Monday and Tuesday were days where I finally got to breath. Since I am still getting the hang of everything, Instead of posting an outfit photo each day, I think I am going to do Wardrobe Wednesday Catch-up even though its Thursday… (If you think of a better name, I am open to suggestions)

I was so busy last week I wasn’t able to get a pic of all of my outfits, but I was able to take a few. I usually plan all my outfits out at some point on the weekend for the week, or at least two days in advance. I have two hooks hanging above my antique mirror and also on the inside of my closet door.

*Please excuse the disaster of a room. It was finals AND I got a new bed-frame I had to wait until my Boyfriend came over to bring it in the house.*

Copy of 761D1D83-49D2-4EE3-904D-DBA42DFFCB6D

The first outfit I wore, as posted on my IG @taygreeleyblog is one I have had forever! This skirt was super cheap and I found it at either TJmaxx or Marshalls years ago. It is black with light grey stripes on it. It is super comfortable and very flattering. The tank I got a few years ago at H&M. I am trying to do a closet overhaul right now to get rid of items I don’t wear and send them off to thredUP. If you haven’t used this company its the best, I will hopefully do a post on this at some point. I may get rid of this item, the lace in the front shows off a little bit more than I would like and is just kind of an awkward fit without a sweater. The sweater is actually from AE! My mom got it for me for Christmas in high school so over 8 years ago. Of course I kept it!

Copy of 37E1EE12-ECCE-4B4B-B542-D48FFAEB0F70

As you can see in the pic above, this is when I was in the process of switching out my bed frames! I am obsessed with these pants! I got them on super sale at the loft back in April when I was in Chicago. They were having a crazy sale for some reason and my friend had a coupon so basically they were almost free! They are such a flattering fit, they are high quality and they actually stay up all day without a belt! (Big booty little waist probs) The closest I found was these here. Not the same, but a similar style.

This shirt is actually one my mom bought for her self and never wore. She is such a tomboy and goes these phases where she hates everything in her closet and she buys all these really cute clothes (well most of them anyways) but then never wears them because they are out of her comfort zone. She holds on to them for like over a year, then gives them to me with the tags still on! I pick what I like and donate the rest. I kept this shirt and I have to say, I wear this outfit quite a bit.

These shoes are my beloved Steve Madden Ecentrcq Sneakers, I have two colors and wear them almost every day. My job requires me to run around Boston, so these are a great go-to that goes with most of my Business Casual attire.

Copy of 524430CD-CDB0-4E26-BBDE-209D924444D7

This outfit was for a very cozy Monday! I got this sweater at Francesca’s, and its so cuddly! It was the last one when I got it a few months ago, and I had to get a large, but I love it anyways! The tank top is from NYC&CO, I love this shade of green. If I could wear it everyday I would. These boots were actually a steal. I got them SUPER cheap on amazon because I burn through boots every season, and I was a little nervous about these but they actually are fine!

I wasn’t going to even post this outfit because it was a day when I couldn’t even get a good pic and I was just a Haute Mess. BUT this is what happens constantly when I’m trying to get ready in the morning. He begs me to carry him around and of course I do. He loves being involved! This is actually the shirt I wore in the photo on my Take care, Taylor. post

I include links to everything that I could still find, a lot of my clothes are from ages ago, like 6+ years ago, so it is hard for me to find the items.

*This post is purely opinion and is not sponsored.*

As always, Thanks for reading!



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