Orgain! My Life Saver


Disclosure: this is opinion, not sponsored.

With my goal being transparency, I wanted to share a brand I swear by, Orgain!

Three years ago I was diagnosed with IBS-B (irritable bowel syndrome – bloating), Dairy intolerance (not just lactose), and wheat intolerance. So I’m suppose to be on a super strict diet. I tend to try and follow the low-FODmap diet, I’ll do another post on this one at a later date, and I attempt to cut out dairy and wheat as much as I can. I can have small amounts of wheat per day, and extremely small amounts of dairy (I try to eliminate it completely).

What happens is basically, if I eat anything I can’t digest, I get extremely bloated and within 24-30 hours I am in extreme pain, it almost feels like an appendicitis. That’s actually how I ended up starting the testing process, I was hospitalized thinking I had an appendicitis but I was just really bloated. 6 months later after annoying testing and elimination diets I was diagnosed with all of the above.

Back on topic: I regularly see a dietitian. Well, less regular now that I have a handle on my diet and restrictions. Nutrients I was lacking are calcium, vitamin D, protein, and fiber. When I post about the low-FODmap diet, I’ll go further into detail.

I needed to find a supplement that was dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. Being dairy intolerant, many alternatives are made from soy, so I wanted to limit the amounts of soy I intake (I don’t do well with it and am at risk of hyper-thyroid).

Most plant based supplements are super Chalky and nasty. After a lot of research I finally decided to give Orgain a try and I was not disappointed!

I’ve been using Orgain for about 3 years now and will never switch. Their plant based protein powder has 21g of protein, 7g of fiber, and no sugar! I usually do some type of smoothie with spinach and almond milk.


My favorite flavors are Vanilla Almond and Creamy Chocolate Fudge. They also do awesome seasonal flavors too like pumpkin spice and I just got their seasonal flavor this year which is Peppermint Hot Cocoa! I actually made hot cocoa with it, it’s like a healthy version!

I have had a few friends try their meal replacement Powders too and they liked them. I don’t like skipping meals, so I don’t do the meal replacement.

I have included links throughout this post, just click to bring you to the main website, and my favorite powders.

Thanks for reading!



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