Lazy Weekend


Meet Mo! My little Fluff who follows me everywhere I go!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend, or if its like mine a weekend to catch up on all the things you didn’t do during the week!


I started this weekend by grocery shopping Friday night, hardcore grocery shopping, at Wegmans. My boyfriend just moved into a new apartment so he needed all of the essentials and I have been doing Instacart for the last couple of weeks and just getting necessities each week.  I usually stock up on chicken because theirs is so cheap! Their value size is like 1.89/lb and gives me about 4 weeks worth per pack. I meal prep generally so I stock up on chicken, Vacuum seal it, and then freeze it. I buy other meat like pork, beef, and any specialty meats fresh each week. Those just don’t taste as good once they have been frozen. I want to start doing a meal prep post each Sunday/Monday since I change up what I do each week. I try new recipes from Pinterest or I just add in whatever flavors I like together. I always do Dairy free and Wheat free.

IMG_1907 (1)

Saturday I just helped my boyfriend out in the morning and then I wasn’t feeling good so Mogli and I just snuggled. I get chronic migraines and they generally knock me out. This week my Medicine has not been working so I just took the day to relax. Rizzoli and Isles has been the show I have been binge watching lately so that was on almost the entire day except when I have to catch  up on Law & Order SVU or Chicago Med, Fire and PD.

Sunday was #SundayFunday aka for me to attempt to get my Sh*t together from this crazy week before you start the upcoming week. I spent the entire day at home pulling my life back together and sometimes it is just what you need! Last weekend I was in NYC with my mom (I will post a review) and did not get back till late Monday night. I didn’t really even have a chance to meal prep last week which REALLY throws me off. I work in back bay and everything is crazy expensive. I’m trying to put myself through grad school NOT spend $100+ a week on just lunch. My groceries generally aren’t that much.

Anyways, I spend today Cleaning my room, doing laundry, getting some homework done (I have a huge marketing plan project coming up) , meal prepping, picking out my outfits and planning out my posts for the week. During the week I tend to get pretty busy. I don’t work the traditional 9-5 I work some off shifts and am there a little later and I try to fit the gym in a minimum of 3 days (that did NOT happen this week because I was feeling so crappy). Getting all this done on a Sunday just allows me to enjoy my week and focus on more important things M-F.

Safe to say I feel pretty productive and it is only 4:30pm. I am going to sign off now and decorate my Christmas tree with my roommate! I will post that later this week.

As always, thanks for reading!



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